Talbot Village Residents Association

The TVRA was set up in the late 1980s when there were just a few houses completed on the new development of the Village. Current membership is over 350 households, and new members are eagerly welcomed.

Our Mission Statement is:

1) to keep the Village a nice place to live by improving the environment and amenities.

2) to fight for the resident’s interests on issues such as parking, planning applications, road safety,

community services and student behaviour.

3) to work with the two universities in our mutual interests but not at the expense of our members.

4) to work closely with Poole Council through our Ward Councillors who consult us on issues

affecting the village.

5) to offer social activities for member residents whenever possible.

Over the early years the expansion of both the universities has meant that there have been constant were problems parking of students and other visitors around the Village. TVRA fought to have restrictions brought in which have helped alleviate parking problems during the day.

TVRA has constantly monitored the expansion of the universities and, while this cannot be contained we have endeavoured to ensure that the character of the Village is retained and not overwhelmed.  Other things which have been achieved in recent years were the purchase and planting of trees and bulbs around Fern Barrow, the road that runs around the village and a joint project with the universities to have the roundabout landscaped. Also, the TVRA will occasionally organise social events, which have, in the past, been skittle evenings, family sports fun days, boat trips etc.

This website is intended to keep visitors updated with the news of what is happening in the Village as well as providing a point of Contact with the TVRA – we welcome any contributions that visitors can make, or better still become actively involved with the work of the Talbot Village Residents’ Association (see the Contact Us tab).