Autumn 2017  

This Newsletter, usually available only to TVRA members, is exceptionally being distributed to all residents.


From your Chairman

We have achieved a lot this year, although not all has necessarily gone the way we would have hoped.  On the plus side, we supported BU in getting the fourth arm road connected to Boundary roundabout, and have supported the new BU Gateway Buildings.  Special thanks to Dave Gibb for his assistance.


We galvanised support against AUB’s plans to build student accommodation on the ‘horse field’, invited every household in the village to make their opinions known to Poole Borough Council and presented a summary of these opinions to Borough of Poole Planners, along with our councillors’ support. Regrettably, we failed and AUB were granted outline consent.  Further information on page 2.


We have strengthened our relationship with residents in Georgina House. We now have a direct line of communication with Talbot Village Trust via their representative Darryl Tidd.


We persuaded the local authority to make safe the pavement on the St Marks Church side of Wallisdown Road, by cutting back the hedges and returning them to the original width,


HMO policy change – we have forced Borough of Poole to set up conditions for the appointment of future HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation) to adopt a code of practice similar to that already in place in Bournemouth. Further information is reported below.


Due to numerous complaints about speeding drivers, with Police authorisation we have set up a Community Speed Watch initiative. SO DRIVERS PLEASE BEWARE OF YOUR SPEED.


The TVRA Facebook page is now regulated for TVRA residents only


Regretfully, on the negative side, we have so far failed to get the height of the three and four storey AUB student accommodation blocks on Fern Barrow reduced. These will be directly opposite two storey residents’ houses in Drew Close and Charlotte Close which means houses and gardens will be overlooked (further information below).


HMO application, Marianne Road – Due to incompetence of Borough of Poole Planning Officers, the HMO application for number 3 Marianne Road was approved, despite one of their officers agreeing that the Council’s policy was poor and confusing, and there was no account of how close these properties were to each other. I asked that the decision be deferred without success, but we did achieve a policy review, hence the changes. At the time BoP claimed there was only one HMO in the village; thanks to information provided by our members we were able to provide BoP a list of 27 HMOs that we knew of and this has been recorded by BoP. We would like to express our thanks to Councillors Drew Mellor and Karen Rampton who fought hard with us on this issue – it was due to the BoP officials that we lost this issue.


There is strength in numbers; those of you that are not already members of TVRA please consider joining us. Subscriptions are as little as the loose change in your pocket – £5 for two years. We desperately need more pairs of hands to protect all our interests and involve all of Talbot Village Residents.  Also please consider joining our Speed Watch initiative.


Further information on all issues will be given at our AGM in September, see page 4.


Graham Tuffin

Chairman TVRA


Bournemouth University (BU)


The new bus hub at the entrance to Fern Barrow is on course for completion during the autumn. It will take all the BU buses, significantly reducing congestion at the main stop on the roadway, which will continue to be used by the Yellow buses.


Meanwhile, work continues on the additional roadway from the Boundary roundabout (known currently as the ‘4th arm road’) – we are still lobbying for this to be two-way multi-traffic, but there are currently difficulties in having buses go both ways – we hope to report further on this at the AGM. This roadway in from the roundabout links directly to the end of Gillett Road, thus giving residents a second access/exit for the Village.


Arts University Bournemouth (AUB)


The planning application in respect of student accommodation on the ‘horse field’ will shortly be submitted to the Planning Committee at Poole BC. Since the AUB’s exhibition on this application they have modified their plans slightly so that only two of five student blocks facing Fern Barrow will be 4 storey, the others will be 3 storey. We still want them to take these buildings lower and will be reporting at the AGM how to go about objecting to the current proposals.


A separate application in respect of a new ‘Innovation Studio’ is also due to be lodged by AUB by the end of August. This building will be next to the existing Enterprise Pavilion/Workshop facing on Fern Barrow, directly opposite the entrance to Charlotte Close. The initial plans shown to TVRA are for a bright yellow/orange structure, almost three stories in height, completely out of character with any of the other buildings in either of the Universities that are visible from the road.  AUB had a short public viewing session for these proposals on 15th August which, despite poor pre-event publicity by AUB, still generated complaints by residents. We have asked our Councillors to ‘red-card’ this application so that it cannot go through without full Planning Committee approval and this will give TVRA residents the chance to properly consider the design and comment to BoP accordingly.


Neighbourhood Speedwatch scheme


Following a number of complaints from residents concerning the speeds of some drivers around the Village, the Police authorised us to instigate a Neighbourhood Speedwatch scheme, and this commenced in early July. Using equipment provided by the Police, and working to their instructions, surveys were conducted over a number of occasions.  The results, unfortunately, showed that some drivers do travel at speeds in excess of the 30mph limited on the Village.


The first surveys done by the team from 10 to 14 June, during peak hours of 8 to 9am and 4 to 6pm, showed between 285 and 404 vehicles per hour on the stretch between the BU/AUB entrance road and Gillett Road. Sadly, we recorded 136 vehicles exceeding 35mph and details of these were noted and passed to the Police.


By the time this Newsletter reaches you, further surveys will have been taken and these will continue regularly, especially once the universities’ terms resume in September.  Our objective with this scheme is to persuade motorists to stay within the speed limits and help safeguard both residents and visitors.


Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs)


As reported in the Chairman’s notes above, we have been successful in persuading Poole BC to adopt a more stringent policy toward the licensing of HMOs on Talbot Village. This will hopefully mirror that of Bournemouth Council, with whom BU have developed a sound system in monitoring HMO applications and controlling their expansion. The intended changes are included in the BoP ‘Local Plan’, recently published.




Environmental Health information


Are you concerned about, or affected by, anti-social behaviour on Talbot Village? For example:


Late night parties – noise and disturbance

Dog fouling


Fly tipping and littering



Do not accept any of these as ‘normal’ – if anything concerns you contact Poole Council’s Environment and Consumer Protection Department at the phone numbers given below. Details taken, EH officers will be sent to the offending properties and information passed to the Police or the Universities if appropriate.


      Daytime:   01202 261700

5 days a week from 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4.30pm on Fridays

      Extended hours service:  0800 506050

9.00 am to 5.00 pm Saturday and Sunday and

8.00 pm to 2.00 am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

If you do not get help from the Poole Council ECPD services above, then contact Andy Wemyss on 01202 261743 or by email


Pavement parking


Regrettably, there is still a habit of some residents and visitors parking on pavements and/or verges. Apart from being an offence against the Road Traffic acts/local bye-laws, this can make life very difficult for pedestrians especially those in wheelchairs or with push chairs.  Why should we have to walk into the road to get round an inconsiderately/illegally parked vehicle?


If you have a difficulty with such parking near you, simply call the Police on 101 and report the address and vehicle number, preferably with a mobile phone photo




Currently, around 30% of dwellings on the Village are members of this Association. It is vital that we maintain and increase membership as the support of residents is important to ensure the Association can maintain a strong voice, where representation is necessary.


If you are not a member, please join us and encourage neighbours and friends, who live in Talbot Village, to join too.  Membership is currently £3 per house for one year or £5 for two years. We also need volunteers to assist in delivering the newsletter and collecting annual subscriptions from members.


Contact the Membership Secretary on 01202 535901, or join us at the door at the AGM (see below).



Your Councillors are here to help

Karen Rampton and Drew Mellor, councillors for our ward, would like to remind residents that they hold a regular surgery on the first Wednesday of each month, between 16.00 and 18.00hrs in the Cafe at Sainsburys’ store on Alder Road.


They can, of course, also be contacted as follows:

Karen Rampton – 01202 721696 or 07875 530149   email:

Drew Mellor –  07809 755754    email:








TVRA 2017 Annual General Meeting


Notice is hereby given that the Association’s annual general meeting for the year 2016/2017 will be held on Wednesday 13 September in St Mark’s new Church Hall starting at 7.30pm.

Only paid up members of the Association may attend. However, non-members are invited to join at the door.



1.    Chairman’s welcome and opening remarks.

2.    Apologies for absence.

3.    Minutes of the AGM held on Wednesday 14 September 2016.

5.    Matters arising from minutes of 14 September 2016.

6.    Chairman’s report for year 2016/2017, including updates on the BU

and AUB planning applications.

7.    Treasurer’s report for year 2016/2017.

8.    Election of Committee for 2017/2018:


Deputy Chairman



Membership secretary

Up to 7 other committee members

(Nominations for all the above posts may be made on the night.)

9.  Any other business


During the meeting Ian Jones from BU will be providing information on how the University works with Bournemouth Council on HMO policy, and will offer to answer questions on other BU related issues. We are hoping that representatives of AUB will also be present.


Please do come along to the AGM and support your committee members who are doing their best to look after the interests of all of us on Talbot Village. As the number of Committee members is below that allowed by our Constitution, we are on the lookout for additional members. The Committee meet regularly, generally on a monthly basis.






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