The newer Talbot Village

With the demise of Vine Farm during the 1980’s planning consent was granted to build modern housing on the land to the south of Wallisdown Road. Although these are mainly detached houses and bungalows, there are also residential care dwellings, social housing and, in accordance with the Talbot sisters’ original philosophies, doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries and shops.

Sited between the wooded areas of the historic Village and the open expanses of the Talbot Heath, the modern village is laid out with open areas, quiet roads and retains some fields, although these are likely to be built on as the universities both expand.

The entire Village area is rightly referred to as ‘The Green Lung of Bournemouth’ which is very evident should you choose to view it from the balloon in Bournemouth gardens Planning applications made in recent years to add significant numbers of dwellings have been rejected, most notably in 2010 by the Secretary of State, to protect the valuable heathland and the open feel of the Village.