TVRA NEWSLETTER   Christmas 2015 

The following are extracts from the Newsletter recently delivered to members of the TVRA

Plans for the development of Talbot Village

Following the public exhibition held at the University in September, and the presentation and discussions at our AGM, your Committee agreed a response to the Supplementary Planning Document and this was presented to Poole BC.

Our concerns are chiefly in the following areas:

  • Lack of clarity on traffic – this means that there has been no proper forecasting on the volumes of traffic into and out of the Village once all the buildings have been completed and the effect of this on Wallisdown Road
  • Designated building use – there is no such thing, in planning terms, as a ‘Digital Village’ and Poole BC are unable to stop the proposed buildings being used for light industrial use, storage or warehousing, with all the traffic this could generate on Fern Barrow and nearby roads.
  • Removal of trees in Wallisdown Roadthe plans to insert a cycle path and bus lane westbound along Wallisdown Road from University Roundabout to Talbot Drive would result in the tree line adjoin the Village being decimated. We have objected strongly against this.
  • Purchase RoadThere are also proposals to use Purchase Road as an access to the Digital Village to which we have objected.
  • Capacity of the Village Surgery – the universities’ expansion plans will put even more pressure on the Village Surgery and provision should have been made to allow for its expansion.

Where do we go from here?   We know that many residents also registered their thoughts directly to Poole Council. Together we will fight unwelcome proposals through the planning process.

Your Residents Association will fight to protect the Village – become a member of TVRA and help us.

Other matters recently reported to members include:

Parking restriction changes

At the AGM in September, Committee presented the results of the survey that was conducted in July. The following changes, requested by the majority of residents, were then requested of Poole Council:

1) To extend the current (10.00–11.00 and 15.00-16.00hrs) restriction

to 10.00 to 16.00hrs Monday to Friday throughout the village,

including around Fern barrow.

2) The restriction times to be implemented all year round – ie: to drop

the June to September exception period currently allowed.

The proposal to include Saturdays in the restriction was rejected in the survey and will not be pursued. We have also requested changes to the double yellow lines around Fern Barrow.


We have requested of Poole Council that ends are fitted to the shelter at the new bus stop in Fern Barrow (opposite the BU entrance) as it is somewhat open to the elements.

Speeding around the village

We have been able to check the speeds of cars around Fern barrow on several occasions, and it showed that a number of motorists exceed the 30mph limit, several getting close to 40mph. In order that occasional monitoring can occur in future, our Committee has agreed the purchase of a monitor and we shall be out checking speeds throughout the year, reporting back to the Police when we feel it necessary. We would like to see a reduced maximum speed around Fern Barrow and enforcement of the traffic regulations.

 Your Committee wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

 Graham Tuffin

Chairman TVRA

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